Ansgar Walk
Ansgar Walk, a Doctor of Natural Sciences, was a German industry manager and after retirement became an author and photographer of books and articles on the Arctic, for example “Kenojuak – The Life Story of an Inuit Artist” (Penumbra Press, Manotick 1999). Ansgar uses a Nikon D800 camera.
Siyuan Chen
Siyuan is a faculty member at the Singapore Management University School of Law. He has law degrees from the National University of Singapore and Harvard University. He enjoys travelling with his family and his favourite destinations thus far are Brazil, Guatemala, and China. He shoots mainly with a Nikon 810 and Sony A7RII.
Wladyslaw Sojka
Wladyslaw Sojka is a mathematician and photographer living in Lorrach, Germany. He specializes in photos of architecture (historical and modern with a special interest in towers), city skylines and landscapes. Wladyslaw is a frequent contributor to Wikipedia. He currently uses a Nikon D800 camera. For further info, contact:
Dr Alvin Rosenfeld
Dr. Alvin Rosenfeld is a practicing psychiatrist in New York City. He is a graduate of Harvard University Medical School, has served as a faculty member at both Harvard and Stanford University and is now affiliated with the Weill Cornell Medical College in NY. He enjoys wildlife and marine life photography and uses a Nikon D810 camera with a 200-400 lens.
Wilder Mendez
Wilder is an active Wikipedian (user name: Lezumbalaberenjena which is Spanish slang for ‘what the heck’). Originally from the city of Santa Clara in Cuba, he currently lives in Ottawa and works as a graphics artist. He specializes in photos about Canada and Cuba.
Robin Ruggles
After completing a doctorate in education, Robin worked as a senior advisor for international cooperation projects for 30 years. He has travelled to 100 countries and currently uses a Sony RX 10 camera. Robin has an interest in online visually appealing culturally-integrated approaches to language learning. He is the founder of
Belen Ruggles
Belen is an artist and photographer who has lived in Bangladesh, Canada, Colombia, Japan, and Kenya. She has held exhibitions in Ottawa, Tokyo and Dhaka. When taking pictures, she relies on her Nikon Coolpix P520. Belen currently alternates her time between Ottawa and Medellin.
Michel Lacroix
Photo enthusiast, part time horse trainer who is a Media artist working for He studied Graphic Arts in Vancouver and currently is an web design instructor at Algonquin College in Ottawa. Michel uses a Sony a6000 camera.
Clay Lafleur
Clay recently retired from a successful career as a respected educator, researcher and program evaluator. He has a PhD in theory and policy studies and has lived and worked in Canada and Australia. With an interest in the Zen concept of wabi sabi, Clay is fascinated with uncovering the wonder and beauty of the ordinary. His photographs include landscapes, images of nature, the taken-for granted and everyday occurrences. He uses a Sony A350 and a Canon Powershot S100.